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Release yourselves from your pains thanks to Reboutement

A revisited ancestral method

Third generation of bonesetters I perfected my gestures by following a certificate : method BM Reboutement ®.

I offer through the touch of your body to relieve your pains and delete certain affections or mild embarrassment.

Massage thérapeutique

The objective is that customers could find, by the way of this innovative method, the solution to RELIEVE or REMOVE their troubles endured for months to years.

By effects of sanding, scratching, cleaning and by working in depth

  • Between muscles

  • Between vertebras  

  • Between the ribs  

  • On and around the joints

Massage du dos
Foot Massage

For your body BM Reboutement ® results in:

  • Oxygenation

  • Reactivation

  • Restoration


Liberation of stasis (heap of nerves, calcification, crystals, stuck toxin and hardened)


A better general vascularisation and an obvious well-being.

Trick: After a session, I do recommend to drink one and a half liter of water during the days which follow to eliminate all residues naturally.

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